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How to sharpen gardening tools pruners, clippers, loppers, blades and scissors
sharpen pruners, scissors, clippers and loppers
diamond hone sharpening kit for garden tools

Garden Tool Sharpener Set - Diamond + Carbon Steel Hone Paddles For Sharpening Pruners, Clippers Mower Blades and Scissors

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Premium Diamond Sharpening Set for Garden and Woodworking Tools

Simple to Use and Sharpens Any Tool Blade.

Dull garden tools are a bummer.  This lightweight pocket set of diamond + carbon steel hone paddles is the perfect tool sharpener set.  It consists of 3 composite paddles tipped with a diamond hone base for coarse, medium and fine sharpening.  These paddles are lightweight, fit in a pocket, garden apron, or tool carrier, and are great for keeping your tools sharp and clean.   Use them for:

  • Sharpening Garden Pruners
  • Sharpening Garden Shears
  • As a pruner sharpener
  • To sharpen hedge clippers
  • For sharpening scissors (Garden Snips)
  • For sharpening shovels, hoes and trowels
  • For Hori Hori Sharpening
  • For Sharpening mower blades
  • For sharpening any garden tool

Sometimes referred to as a whetstone or hone, these diamond laced paddles provide a carbon steel sharpening surface that will last.  

Want to learn how to sharpen gardening tools?  See our Youtube Channel for tips on sharpening your pruners, clippers and other garden tools.