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Gardening Tool Belt
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Garden Tool Belt - The Ultimate Garden Tool Carrier

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Unique, Waxed Canvas Gardening Belt 

Waterproof Pouch With Two Pockets and a Cotton Webbing Belt

(Tools not included)

Custom design by gardeners for gardeners

Our garden tool belt is made of heavy 16 oz waxed canvas, and sits perfectly on your hip.   The two deep pockets can hold tools, seeds or any other garden items you need to carry.  It's waterproof, and the thick canvas protects you from any sharps you may carry.  Here is descriptive list:

  • Waterproof, waxed canvas garden tool belt
  • Cotton webbing, adjustable belt
  • Lightweight and strong with heavy stitching
  • Hunter green canvas, with sage trim
  • 2 large pouches to fit all your garden goodies
  • 2 cotton webbing loops for carabiners
  • Garden utility in a simple belt

As gardeners and flower farmers, we work long days, typically in the heat of summer, and this garden tool belt is a life saver.  Lightweight and strong, it stores our garden snips, pruners and phones, and sits just right on your hip.  We barely notice this unique tool carrier.

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