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Garden/Florist Apron - Waxed Canvas Smock for Florist or Gardening Tools

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The Garden Apron - Our Most Popular 5 Star Product

Gardening Aprons for All Types of Gardening Chores

Cross back gardening apron strap system let's you carry more without neck strain.

"Absolutely love this apron. I use it for gardening but also find myself wearing it for diy around the house. So handy to have all my tools ready at hand. And the quality is superb. I can imagine using this for many, many years." Clare

This unique handpicked gardening florists apron/smock is perfect for a day of gardening or in the floral shop.  Made from cool, soft waxed cotton canvas and leather accents, its perfect for pruning, potting, planting or any other gardening chore.   With ample apron pocket space for garden or floral design tools, gloves and a phone pocket, it's like having a second set of hands.  The handy towel holder is perfect for cleanup and also supports clip on garden accessories.  The heavy grade apron canvas protects your clothes, and the double stitched seams and pockets make sure it will last as long as you do in the garden. A joy for yourself or as a gift for any avid gardener.   Comes in a variety of colors.   Here is some more information:  

  • Unique cross-strap system that eliminates neck strain
  • Quality waxed canvas cotton Apron material
  • Ample smock pocket space for all your garden tools, seed and more
  • Quality double-stitched apron pockets for durability
  • Detachable Ring for clip on tools or a handy towel above apron pockets
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Phone pocket to keep your phone out of the dirt
  • fits pruners and clippers, as well as garden scissors
  • Apron with Pockets for all uses

Here are some key uses:

  • Gardening Apron
  • Florists Apron
  • Floral Shop Apron
  • Flower shop apron
  • Work apron for florists 
  • Cooking apron
  • Artists Apron
  • Waxed Canvas Apron
  • Garden Tool Carrier