Japanese Hori Hori - Best Garden Tool
Hori Hori Garden Knife and Tool
Japanese garden knife called hori hori as a gift for gardeners
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hori-hori tool for any gardener
Gift Hori Hori garden tool and garden knife

Hori Hori Garden Tool

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The Best Garden Knife and Tool

Our 5 Star Best Seller and Unique Gardening Gift

"...This hori hori knife is fabulous ...hands down my favorite tool. I went to a community planting gather and let everyone try it, we all love it. Originally I was going to buy one on amazon and I am so glad I found this site. I would buy another without question but doubt I will ever need to as this knife is solid." Christina R.

The Hori Hori is a Japanese Gardener's tool, and the ultimate gardener's companion, and goes way beyond being just a garden knife.  We have selected ours to provide a quality hori hori tool you can use for decades.  We use ours out on the farm and in the garden for weeding, digging, cutting roots, digging holes, planting bulbs and more.   The stainless steel, full tang blade is designed for multi-use in the garden as a knife, shovel, scoop and scraper.  The handle is made from beautiful rosewood, with solid rivets and a full length tang (extension of the blade into the handle) for strength and control. And the blade, made of stainless steel, with endure even the harshest conditions.  It will become the most useful tool for you, or the lucky recipient. It also is accompanied by a leather sheath to keep it ready for action.  

This knife was specially selected, and has all the attributes of a quality Hori Hori:

  • Beautifully crafted with a waxed rosewood handle
  • Measurement marks for bulb planting
  • Serrated, concave stainless steelblade
  • Rosewood, thick handle
  • Full length tang (blade extension into handle) for strength and control
  • 3 rivets in handle
  • Best Hori Hori 

Packed for gift giving with a burlap wrap and our signature Celtic style.  This tool is also known as a garden knife, japanese weeding knife, japanese trowel, japanese garden knife and a Hori.