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Stainless Garden Scissors (Pruning Shears/Pruners/Secateurs/Clippers) - The Celtic Farm
Best stainless garden scissors
Snips for herbs and flowers in the garden
Special scissors for gardening
Quality scissors for garden tasks
Shears like scissors for planting and harvest

Stainless Garden Scissors (Pruning Shears/Pruners/Secateurs/Clippers)

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Best Garden Scissors and Snips

Garden Scissors for Flower Gardening, Herbs and More


Light, strong and sharp, these handcrafted stainless steel  garden flower scissors/pruning shears will  become a favorite tool for any gardener or  florist.  Made of top grade steel and beautifully crafted, they hold their sharp edge and can be used for cutting flower stems, propagating, floral arranging and trimming.   The Japanese garden scissor design is light and easy to use, and with their curved handles can be maneuvered easily in the flower garden, shed or floral shop.  They are a favorite of Bonsai enthusiasts and have made their way to the gardening community for their utility as shears, scissors and pruners.  We routinely use them on the flower farm for:

  • using the scissors for propagating our flowers
  • trimming out flower plants in the garden and in the field
  • as pruners to trim around the grounds
  • cutting everything from string, to ribbon, and all else.
  • For clippers floral/flower
  • Flower scissors
  • Florist scissors
  • Garden snips
  • Pruning  snips
  • Deadheading snips

We wrap our garden flower scissors in our signature burlap, and Celtic string, and its presentable as a gift any gardener or florist will love.