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Match Strike Paper Scored Sheet - .5"x2" Adhesive Sticker Strips

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This sheet of over 100 strips is old fashioned brown or honeycomb pattern self-adhesive sticker match strike paper is just about 8.5"x11" and is cut into .5" x 2.0" inch match striker strips.   It is perfect for placing on a match bottle, mason jar, apothecary bottle, box, or any other surface where you need to strike a safety match.  The striker sheet contains right over 100 adhesive striker strips, so  you will have plenty of match strips for your craft or home project.

Common uses:

  • Striker paper for candles
  • Match strike strip on spice bottles
  • Match striker on apothecary bottles
  • Strike strip on a mason jar
  • Adhesive safety match strike strip for a box
  • Strike strip for a barbecue
  • Striker strip for matches on a fire pit
  • DIY match strike paper

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