Garden Water Hose Repair Kit - Fix any hose
Includes hose ends and washer for repair
Fix kit for cut hoses in the yard and garden
Male hose end repair
Female hose end repair
Garden Water Hose Repair Kit - The Celtic Farm

Garden Water Hose Repair Kit

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Multipurpose Garden Hose Repair Kit

Need to repair a garden hose?

Our high quality hose repair kits for water hoses will fit 5/8" and 3/4" hoses and allows for female end repair, male end repair and fixing for leaks mid-hose. This kit makes it simple to fix any hose, and is an all inclusive hose repair kit.  It works with all types of hoses, and can be used to fix broken hose ends, or splits in the middle of the hose.

Here are some details:

  • high quality solid aluminum machining
  • engineered for a leak proof connection. 
  • all pieces included 
  • Extra rubber hose washers 
  • Garden hose ends - female and male (both)
  • Full hose fix kit

These are the highest quality complete hose repair sets, and easy to use, even for those that are not handy.