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Garden Hand Tool Set - Hardwood and Stainless
Garden Hand Tool Set - Hardwood and Stainless
Garden Hand Tool Set - Hardwood and Stainless

Garden Hand Tool Set - Hardwood and Stainless

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The Best Garden Tool Set We Have Found.

5 Star Review Rating

Hardwood.  Stainless Steel.  Leather.

"This tool set is amazing! I've dealt with poor quality tools my whole life - plastic garbage, metal bending, and just ugly. This set is definitely high quality, and a joy in the garden. Recommended for any gardener as an amazing addition to your garden hand tools."  Michelle  W.

For those who love to garden, a nicely crafted garden hand tool set is a must, and we searched far and wide for these high quality hand tools we use every day on our farm.    Cheap plastic and rubber has no place in the garden or out in the field!  This beautiful and solidly built garden tool set (garden hand tools) is well balanced and will please any gardener.  Made of solid hardwood and stainless steel, these gardening tools will last and endure the hardships  of soil, water and sun.  Here is what our beautiful garden tool set includes:

  • Hand Trowel (Shovel) - our well balanced mini garden spade is shaped just right for most of your digging tasks.
  • Hand Soil Scoop - I love this tool!  Using a trowel to fill pots is painful and most of the soil ends up on the ground.  This garden scoop is perfectly shaped for many potting and planting tasks.
  • Hand Cultivator/Fork - this member of the garden tool set is perfect for weeding and spreading soil and/or mulch in the garden.

All the tools have a leather loop for hanging your tool when you are done in the garden.  Wrapped in our signature Celtic burlap and garden string, this is a great garden tool gift set, for that special someone or you.