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Copper Garden Marker and Tag Set
Garden Tag and Marker Set Copper
Copper garden tags
Copper gift for the gardener
Great Unique Garden Gift in Copper RowMarkers

Copper Garden Marker Set - Tags and Row Markers

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A gift any gardener will love!  Copper has always had a place in the garden, and along with being visually appealing, will last forever and the weather only makes it look better as it ages with its beautiful aged patina.  This set includes 10 copper garden row markers and 10 copper garden tags.  Just write on them with permanent marker, and remove with rubbing alcohol when you want to reuse them.  They can be used for the following:

  • To mark garden rows
  • To place in pots
  • To tag bulbs as you store them for winter
  • To tag trees
  • As a decoration for table settings
  • The Copper Garden Markers are 6" high with a 3" writing surface
  • The Copper Garden Tags are 3" long

Each garden marker set comes with 10 seven inch copper and galvanized markers, 10 gardening tags with copper wire and a jute bag for storage.  A great gift for any gardener.