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Collection: Gardening Tools You Will Love

Gardening Tools and Implements

Our curated planting tools for all types of  gardeners

Having the right tool in the garden can make short work of difficult tasks. All of our garden tools are tested and used on our flower farm, and are chosen for their utility and productivity improvement. Whether its our Hori Hori Garden Knife, or a simple seed dibbler, you can be sure it is a top quality garden tool.


Garden Tools for All

Most Popular Planting Tool Categories

Garden Hand Tools

Classic Garden Tools

Looking for a high quality garden tool set , or to add some new tools to your existing tool kit? See our wood and stainless planting implements our customers love.

Garden Tools - Pruners and Shears

Pruners & Shears

Finding the right set of cutting tools for the garden can be a challenge, and there are sooo many choices. We have both individual and sets of pruners, snips and scissors that any gardener will love.

Wood Garden Tools

Unique Garden Tools

Looking for that gift for the gardener that has everything? Our unique collection is full of speciasl tools that not only look great, but provide amazing untility in the garden..


Gardening Tool Selections

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  • Garden Dibber (Dibbler) Seed and Bulb Planter
    Garden Dibber (Dibbler) Seed and Bulb Planter
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  • Hori Hori Garden Tool
    Hori Hori Garden Tool - The Celtic Farm
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