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Pruner Shears For the Garden - Our Best Hand Pruners - Carbon Steel

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Light. Strong. Sharp.

Our High Quality/ Best Garden Shears From Our Farm to You.

High quality carbon steel and aluminum construction.

We have bought so many horrible pruners/shears over the years - they rust, the springs break, they knick and bend easily, etc.   This pruner is the best w e have used.  Made of carbon steel, with enhanced corrosion resistance, they are a joy to use in the garden.    Here is a quick summary in a nutshell:

  • Light aluminum pruner frame is designed for leverage and maximum cutting power.
  • Sharp carbon steel blade holds its edge, and is corrosion resistant
  • East to flip thumb lock for fast and easy storage
  • Blade will cut and cut, without the need for constant sharpening

Sharp quality pruners are key to making clean cuts and keeping your plants healthy.