preserved boxwood wreath
Boxwood wreath for decoration at christmas
Hanging boxwood wreaths in windows
preserved boxwood wreaths 10" and decorative ribbon (Extra)
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Boxwood in a wreath

Preserved Boxwood Wreath - 10 " Small Wreath for Christmas or Holidays

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Preserved Wreath of Boxwood

Decorate For the Holidays with This Boxwood Wreath

Wreaths adorn just about every window and door at the farm during the holidays,  and these 10" preserved boxwood wreaths are perfect for any occasion.  Use them as table centerpieces, wrap them with ribbon, or just hang them in a window for a pleasant decorative touch.  You can use these wreaths for:

  • Wreaths for Dining Table Centerpieces
  • Wreaths for door decor
  • Wreaths for Windows
  • Wreaths for mantlepieces

Note: Ribbons, candles and flowers in pictures not included ;).  You can buy our flameless candle set separately.