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Collection: Burlap Bags - Sacks for Storage, Favors and Crafts

We use burlap/jute cotton bags to store just about everything, and pack our gifts into burlap drawstring bags.  We sell what we use, and most of our burlap is handy around the home and a prime provision.  Here are some uses for our burlap bags:

  • Burlap Gift Bags for Christmas/Holidays
  • Burlap Sacks for Storage
  • Small, Medium and Large Burlap Drawstring Bags
  • Burlap bags for favors
  • Burlap Bags for Weddings
  • Burlap Bags for Wine Bottles
  • Burlap Bags for Sachets

We carry a variety of sizes, and all are shipped from the US.  


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