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(3) Organic Lavender Sachets in Burlap Bags

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Lavender is one of our favorite plants, and we grow it everywhere on our farm. The scent is believed to promote calmness and wellness, and its oils have been used for its touted healing qualities.  This set of 3 sachets are in 3"x5" burlap bags and filled a large cup of  dried Grosso lavender buds, and will last years, freshening drawers and closets, or can can provide its sweet relaxing scent  in the bathroom or by the bedside.   The burlap sachet allows the lavender to breathe and exposes its lovely scent.  The best part: to refresh the scent just roll the sachet for a few minutes between your hands.


Here are some uses:

  • Put your sachet in a drawer
  • To provide a lavender scent to a wardrobe
  • Adds a pleasant scent to any closet
  • As a dryer sachet
  • To add a lavender scent to a bathroom
  • To provide a calming lavender scent in bed for sleep
  •  As a car air freshener
  • Toss in your luggage for a pleasing sent at your destination
  • Great for wedding or shower gifts
  • Use them as sachet party gifts

Grosso lavender is one of the strongest scented lavenders, and is grown in the Provence region of France for its oil, fragrance and beautiful purple flowers.  We grow it on our farm, and love the look, scent and visual of this beautiful plant.