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Large Quality Daffodil Bulbs (25) - Imported From Holland - Narcissi "Carlton" Bulbs for Sale

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Large, beautiful dutch daffodil bulbs for sale.

The Flower Farmer's Choice.  Variety "Carlton". Box of 25 Bulbs.

As a flower farm, the quality of our flowers is paramount, and we get our large quality daffodils from a Dutch importer.  These are large 14/16 cm daffodil bulbs, that are double nosed (DN3) to provide beautiful flowers and strong foliage for growth, for follow on seasons.  We sell them in boxes of 25, and you won't be disappointed.

These are large, strong flowers that withstand cold, windy wet Spring weather, and are ideal for mass plantings.  Features:

  • Deer, rodent and rabbit resistant
  • Ability to naturalize over the years
  • Pollinator ready
  • Blooms early to mid-Spring

More Info

Height - 18 inches

Spread - 4 - 6 inches

Spacing - 4 - 6 inches

Hardiness Zone - 3 - 8 

Color - Vibrant Yellow

Planting Info

Daffodil bulbs require 6 weeks of cold to properly bloom.  They should not be planted until the nigh time temperature is 40-50 F, as the soil temperature needs to be below 55 F for the roots to develop.