Garden kneeling mat and pad made of foam
Thick foam garden kneeling pad mat for gardeners is waterproof

Super Comfy Garden Kneeler / Gardener's Kneeling Pad (Thick Foam Mat)

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Kneeling in the garden is a common occurrence, and we searched far and wide for the best, comfortable kneeling mat for gardeners.  It had to be waterproof, non-slip thick and made of a nice foam.  Here we have the results of our testing:  The Celtic Garden Kneeling Foam Pad.  

  • Super comfy thick pad with non-slip grooves
  • Made of 1.5" High Density Foam for a Comfortable Kneel
  • 11"x18" Kneeling Space provides plenty of room to maneuver
  • Waterproof, preventing wet and dirty knees
  • Great for all around use outside of the garden
  • Long lasting dense foam
  • Provides comfortable padding for kneeling duties in the garden.