Baker's Twine - Striped and Solid - 100 m / 2 mm for Gift Wrapping & Crafts
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Baker's Twine - Striped and Solid - 100 m / 2 mm for Gift Wrapping & Crafts

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Cotton Baker's Twine in 100m Spools 

Biodegradable Cotton Twine

We use baker's twine for just about every type of wrapping imaginable.  Out baker's twine is available in 100m spools in both solids and stripes, and has a high strand count (10) for strength and presentation.  It is made of pure cotton, and with safe dye, and is totally biodegradable.  It comes in may colors:

  • Navy Blue Baker's Twine
  • White Baker's Twine
  • Red Baker's Twine
  • Green Baker's Twine
  • Red and White Baker's Twine
  • Green and  White Baker's Twine
  • Grey and White Baker's Twine
  • Yellow and White Baker's Twine
  • Navy Blue and White Baker's Twine
  • Blue and White Baker's Twine
  • Baby Blue and White Baker's Twine
  • Pink and White Baker's Twine
  • Red, White and Blue Baker's Twine

It has many uses as shown below:

  • Baker's twine for wrapping
  • Baker's twine for weddings
  • Baker's Twine for favors
  • Baker's twine for cards
  • Baker's twine for crafts
  • Twine for gardening